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Note: maximum amount for one year loans is $3,000. An administrative fee is included in each instalment.

At SimplyBorrowed we offer loans of up to $5,000 payable in monthly instalments for one or two years. We believe in transparency by making our products simple and easy to understand.

Want to save in interest costs?

You always have the flexibility to settle your loan in less time and save in interest costs and admin fees by paying the remaining balance. No fees or penalties apply.

Our easy process

Step 1

Apply online by filling our application form
in minutes

Step 2

We will connect with you to assess your specific needs

Step 3

Submit your documents and sign online contract

Step 4

Receive your money via e-transfer

Required documents

Government issued ID

Bank Verification

Proof of address

Proof of legal status

Void cheque

Common uses of our loans

Debt consolidation

Tuition expenses

First & last month rent

Traveling expenses

Liquidity emergency

International remittance

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